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MindlyBody helps gym enthusiasts, recreational athletes and on-the-go digital nomads to overcome musculoskeletal pain, optimize movement, improve technique and reach peak performance through effective recovery and training plans.


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    I never thought i could lose 50 kg with an underactive thyroid, and become a personal trainer myself! thanks for Alex’s guidance and training!

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    Hi there!

    I’m Alexandra, a coach who believes in the power of balance, joy, and lifelong wellness.

    I’m not here to tell you to pick between strawberries or blueberries when you fancy a banana, nor tp make you push through pain – I want to help you regain healthy, pain-free movement and muscle function and sustainably achieve your fitness goals.

    I understand how injuries can impact your everyday life and your fitness journey. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help people like you reclaim their health and live pain-free inside and outside the gym!

    My journey to becoming a coach started when I faced my injury at the peak of my athletic performance. That’s when I realized there was more to recovery than just trying to stretch pain away and that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to exercise. I tried various diet regimens and spent hours working out, but I still couldn’t achieve my desired results.

    So, I studied Kinesiology, Strength and Conditioning, Rehabilitation, Sports Therapy, and Massage to understand how the human body works. With nine years of experience working with elite athletes, people with less to more severe injuries from lifting and training, I’m now confident in my ability to help people recover from injury and reach their peak performance.

    I bring all this expertise and experience to my Time-Efficient Recovery, Prevention & Workout Plan for GYM ENTHUSIASTS AND RECREATIONAL ATHLETES: THE 3 WEEKS WELLNESS SUCCESS PROGRAM.

    This science-based Sport Injury Recovery and Movement Optimization program is tailored to your individual needs. With clear instructions and educational content, I’ll guide you in learning about your body and how to get rid of your pain, lift safely, prevent injuries, and reach your peak performance!

    I’m here to introduce myself and share my passion for helping people move, lift and live pain-free. My goal is to help you get back to doing the things you love, whether that’s your sport, training, or just living pain-free in and outside of the gym!

    With MindlyBody, you can expect personalized support and a coach who truly cares about your well-being.


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    Decrease Pain!

    Promote Healing!

    Restore Fundamental Movement Capacity!

    If you are already tired of:

    The recurring muscle pain limiting your lifting abilities?

    Workouts that worsen your pain?

    Dealing with pain and stiffness due repetitive movement?

    Feeling limited in physical activity and everyday life due to movement issues?

    Struggling lack of results despite overtraining?

    Struggling with muscle pain interfering with your sleep?

    Diets that restrict you from the foods you love?


    Don’t wait for another day because procrastination is endless. Assess your muscle pain, posture, lifting technique and movements

    Ready to Achieve the Perfect
    Training & Recovery Balance?

    I understand how repetitive movement, incorrect technique can cause muscle disorders, impact your body and cost you your performance. And, I know that you struggle to squeeze out time from your erratic work schedule to actually focus on your overall health.


    Get answers to how you can improve mobility, relieve pain, prevent injuries, maximize your overall performance and Transform Your Training with Safe and Effective Workouts

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