Face-to-Face Services

Experience our expert face-to-face services in King's Lynn, Norfolk!

Offering sports massage, functional rehabilitation, personal training, group classes, and sport-specific conditioning, catered to all abilities. Move with me, Live Pain-Free!

Functional Rehabilitation / Functional Training

It restores functional movement patterns and improves performance in everyday activities or sports-specific tasks by improving mobility, strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and more.

If you’re aiming to get back to training, or your sport, or simply wish to engage in everyday movements and activities without discomfort and with increased intensity, I highly recommend functional rehab for you.

Let’s address the problem thoroughly!

After a thorough assessment of your movement, physical condition, and posture, I will develop a personalized corrective and rehabilitation program for you!

Personal Training / Strength & Conditioning

I recommend personal training for anyone who wants to improve their health, body weight, eating habits, physical condition, or simply wants to learn exercising correctly using methods tailored to their needs by a professional!

Meanwhile, strength and conditioning focuses on developing the biomotor skills (strength, power, mobility, coordination, balance, speed, etc.) and technical skills required for sports like Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, and wrestling. Additionally, it aims to minimize injuries that occur in these sports!

Sports Massage, Cupping and Kinesiology Taping

Sports massage helps prevent muscle damage and injuries, as well as improving muscle flexibility and range of motion.

Frequent massages help athletes/individuals relieve muscle tension and pain, and improve sports performance. Additionally, it can aid in recovery and reduce muscle soreness.

Group Fitness Classes (No Contract, No Membership, No Hassle)

Our HIIT (strength and conditioning) classes run for 45 minutes and encompass a diverse range of exercises that effectively improve fitness, manage weight, increase muscle mass, and foster connections with like-minded individuals.