Personal Training/ Strength & Conditioning

What Is Personal Training?

Personal training generally involves individual or small group sessions (2-3 people), where I provide advice and assistance to one or more athletes/individuals during the workout. Our training takes place in our private gym, equipped with everything necessary to meet your needs. This way, you won’t feel intimidated by the crowd in a public gym. To join personal training with Mindlybody, you don’t need a membership. Simply show up for your one-on-one session and receive professional guidance.

If you purchase a package, you will also receive a personalized program that you can perform at home, anywhere, or in the gym where you are a member.

Who Do I Recommend Personal Training for?

Personal training is recommended for anyone who wants to improve their health, body weight (weight loss), strength, and overall physical condition.

Personal training is especially recommended for those with special needs, movement restrictions, post-injury, older age, or various health issues (high blood pressure, diabetes…etc)

Personal training can also help those who are not familiar with the gym environment and want to learn the correct and effective techniques for exercises, facilitating progress and achieving results like muscle gain, strength or weight loss!

What is the Difference between Personal Training and Strength & Conditioning?

Both personal training and sport-specific strength & conditioning are important for health and overall fitness.

However, sport-specific training focuses on developing technical and physical skills needed for specific sports like Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, and wrestling, among others!

Sport-specific Strength & Conditioning

The goal of sport-specific training is to develop the energy systems and skills needed for the demands of a particular sport. Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, and wrestling each require unique skills and techniques, so their strength and conditioning programs focus on these relevant movements, skills, and muscle groups.

Strength and conditioning generally aim to develop bio motor skills such as coordination, strength, endurance, agility, balance, and speed, which are essential for the sport. This requires a thorough understanding of advanced programming, including periodization. Additionally to these skills, as a performance coach, I employ training methods that also improve functionality, and prevent injuries in competitive athletes.


Reducing the risks of injuries of an athlete are extremely important for me. After all, the “least useful” athlete is the one who is injured, because he/she can’t train. Therefore, strength and conditioning also focuses heavily on injury prevention!

I’m myself a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 2x British Champion, so you can be sure I know the needs and demand of this sport.