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Before I became a Strength and Conditioning coach I have already had a long sports history behind me. However, my health and fitness journey has started when I got injured during my football match at the age of 19.


I could not mentally digest what happened. I felt sorry for myself. In a very short period of time, I’ve gained lots of weight as my lifestyle has completely changed. I was less active and I often emotionally ate. Then, I decided to try different diets I heard about.

Alexandra Kovacs

During this dieting period, I tried a liquid diet, shake diet, carb cycling, and all sorts. I’ve developed a very unhealthy relationship with food! I could not enjoy anymore the food I loved without feeling guilty, feeling of failure (eating something different than on my paper), and very emotional


As the result of the big calorie drop, I have often binged eat too, which compounded all those feelings. If I lost weight I gained it back. I recognized I have suffered from anxiety and self-esteem problems. I was 10+ kilos more than before. I felt weak, lack of energy, and very moody. I was trying to avoid people as they kept telling me how much weight I gained, which made me feel even worse.

In the beginning, I said to you my health and fitness journey has begun when I’ve got injured.


I realized The end of something often means the beginning of something new. I wanted a clear head and to do a sport and a job I love. This is when I have started to live the life I have always wanted, but I had to have that test which made me realize I have the power to change it. I’ve started off slowly with cardio, to strengthen my knee and most importantly picking up life-changing habits!


I ate unhealthy food in moderation still but the rest of the time I ate nutritious food. I have started to feel lots better, more confident. I did not want to be a coach who starves people and makes them avoid everything so they feel guilty all the time but a coach who teaches balance, joy, and something for a lifetime. This will not only help to have a healthy body but a stronger healthier relationship with food a stronger mind. My struggle was to find the way to do this, to find a sport, exercise form I like doing by trying lots of different things. My biggest one was my mental health, which when I was restricting everything from myself got even worse. I now pay attention to what my body needs, how I can stay fit, strong, lean, and healthy without getting anxious. feel guilty.


If you want to look like an athlete you need to train like one. This includes a balanced diet, hard exercise, recovery, good sleep, and finding a form of exercise you love!


You can look like an athlete without the feeling of guilt and restricting everything that tastes good.


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