Happy Clients

Henry Rust Avatar
Henry Rust
I was suggested to Alex by a family member, and cannot recommended her highly enough. I went to her seeking a solution to a a hip problem which essentially meant I couldn’t run without experiencing a lot of pain. I have been seeing her for a few months now, and since rugby season has commenced I have had no pain while running at all. Alex very clearly understands the anatomy of the body and how everything is connected and doesn’t stop expanding her knowledge on the subject. Whether it’s massage or exercises, Alex is brilliant for injury rehab, progression and injury prevention.
Mindaugas Gercys Avatar
Mindaugas Gercys
I would highly recommend Alexandra! Personable and professional service which supported me through a difficult sports injury. She's really listens to what you're telling her and focus on the problem you have so you really feel the benefit. Alexandra is friendly, polite and very knowledgeable. Five ⭐️
Robbie Ferri Avatar
Robbie Ferri
Alexandra has a huge amount of knowledge and is just amazing at what she does. Her sessions are so well thought out and she has such an incredible way of explaining an the process of training and rehabilitation. I highly recommend her to anyone and can’t thank her enough for letting me be a client of hers. Five stars!!!!
Rae Sorensen Avatar
Rae Sorensen
Excellent trainer. Works with you to achieve the results you want. Would recommend to anyone.
Elíf Wortt Avatar
Elíf Wortt
I’ve been training with Alexandra for years now and I LOVE her approach to getting fit! All sessions are enjoyable and different every time, really showing knowledge and creativity! Alexandra helped me lose 2.5 stones back in 2017 and I’m still training with her now! Would highly recommend! The girl is a machine !!!!!
Tiffany Drury Avatar
Tiffany Drury
Would highly recommend Alex for anyone who’s looking to tone, improve muscle mass or simply get fit! One of the best coaches I’ve used, such a lovely woman hugely professional and absolutely dedicated on getting you the results you want. Well done Alex 👏🏼🙌🏼
Andy Westmancoat Avatar
Andy Westmancoat
As a cyclist looking to ride longer and longer rides (12+ hours) I was gutted when I picked up a knee injury shortly after the first lock down. 18 months later, 2 physios and copious amounts of Internet and book research and still no change. So following a glowing review from Robbie Ferry (ultra distance cyclist) I booked an initial appointment. I was really impressed with the level of questioning, observation and baseline assessments taken. Alex listens carefully and took time to test her initial diagnosis. 3 months later I am well on the way to a 100% fix as well as improving my overall strength and flexibility. The programme is easy to follow without being boring or too time consuming. Alex is always quick to respond to any questions and happy to offer alterations to the programme to suit your limitations. I cannot recommend Alex enough. Thank you.
Danny Precious Avatar
Danny Precious
brilliant massage, alex has helped any issues I've had she also goes a step further and assess any problems I've had and finds ways to overcome them. would highly recommend mindlybody great service
Jim Bhondi Avatar
Jim Bhondi
Alex has really done a good job on my shoulder injury and I am not in constant pain now!
Luan Phan Avatar
Luan Phan
Great service, very professional and knowledgeable, flexible time and would happily recommend.
Laura Szoke Avatar
Laura Szoke
Alexandra was brilliant! Highly recommend her to anyone! If you are looking for motivation and good fun just take her classes 🙂 Laura
Laura Krusnauskaite Avatar
Laura Krusnauskaite
I can't recommend it enough! Alexandra is the most passionate, dedicated and professional person I have ever met. For a long time, I was looking for someone who knows what they are doing and does the job not only for the money but for real help. Alexandra gives a full 100% of her understanding, time and knowledge to get the best results. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Mészáros Henrietta Avatar
Mészáros Henrietta
Szuper minden,mindenkinek csak ajánlani tudom😊nagyon szépen köszönöm a biztatást,segítséget.28nap letelt de folyt köv....csillagos 5ös👍Alexandra Kovács neked örök hálám❤️
Karl Baxter Avatar
Karl Baxter
Without a doubt I cannot recommend Alexandra highly enough! I was told about Alexandra from a friend so i gave her a call.....Now I've had sports massages from others who say that they are good but please believe me this lady is by far the best I've seen and wish I had known about her services earlier. I run Ultra marathons and can honestly say what a difference her sports massages have made to my running. Totally professional,knowledgeable and informative with a happy friendly manner In summary excellent treatment and person! 5 stars!!
Kiran Bhondi Avatar
Kiran Bhondi
Alex is extremely professional, friendly and knowledgeable!! She really does go out of her way to ensure her clients are well looked after. I had a lower back problem and she continued to check up on how I was doing post treatment. I highly recommend her and I will definitely be going back!
Dennis Novikov Avatar
Dennis Novikov
I would highly recommend Alexandra to anyone, she is great at what she does. I'm a regular gym goer and train with high intensity, over the years of training I have developed some pains and aches (lower back, knee pain, elbows etc) I also have ongoing condition which is limiting my range of motion on one of my arms. After just one session of sports therapy with Alexandra I felt so much better!! My training & recovery improved a lot and for the first time in years I was finally able to train pain free!! Alexandra is highly professional as well as very friendly and polite person. I can't recommend her enough. 5/5!
Joanne King Avatar
Joanne King
Alex you are amazing ❤️ I suffered a spinal cord injury in March 2019. I am able to walk with two sticks. I have no balance due to my injury. Alex is working me so hard and focusing on regaining my balance. I feel I’ve improved so much not only physically but mentally my confidence is improving with each session. Alex is so motivating and inspiring and always pushing me to do my best. I felt very scared and anxious walking through Hero’s gym doors. Alex soon made me feel at ease with her kind nature and non judgmental persona. I can’t thank Alex enough for all her drive and enthusiasm she puts into believing in me 🥰 I can’t wait to see how much I continue to improve over the next few months with Alex
Matt Jarvis Avatar
Matt Jarvis
Alex is really helping with my recovery, she's very professional with her approach, very aware of my strengths and weaknesses and she has a vast understanding of the human body. Adding sports massage to her arsenal is a game changer as she's able to additionally aid my mobility through our sessions. 10/10
Warren James Bowman Avatar
Warren James Bowman
I’d highly recommend Alexandra and her sports massage services. Whether to help with injury or prevent injury, Alexandra has the knowledge and skills to help. Alexandra is also super professional and you will feel comfortable and confident in her ability to help you. FIVE STARS.
David Jamieson Avatar
David Jamieson
Completed the 28 day challenge. Dropped from 92kg to 87kg. Follow along video really clear and varied.
Erika Lakatos Avatar
Erika Lakatos
I've done Alexandra's 28 day exercise programm which I found challenging but had great results even if I did only 6 days out of 7. She is a very knowledgable personal trainer.I highly recommend her to anybody who is committed to change their body shape & lifestyle.Alexandra will help you to achieve your goals!🙂 Thank you for your help xx
Gareth Ian Davies Avatar
Gareth Ian Davies
Alexandra provides a balanced and motivational approach to training that is always personalised and varied, what I like above other trainers is the ability to educate - so you learn as you go through trining all the time. Her approach is very personal and friendly making every session enjoyable, relaxed and suitably hard work. Given that I am definitely at the lower end of the dedicated athlete spectrum 😉 and it worked for me, knowing that she has a dedication to competitive sport herald, I am pretty sure she can make training enjoyable, personal and effective for anyone.
Anna Lawrence Avatar
Anna Lawrence
I suffered of back pain and that left me with stress because of limited daily activity. I was not sure what to do as I have not experienced it before, so I gave a go to Alexandra's life and wellness coaching program. It was an all around program which included improving my lifestyle, and injury prevention program and stress relief, we had chats . The best thing was that She heard what I said and understood my needs, even I didn't know what that was the time, she drove me to the path to find it out. Since then I feel I have a more balanced life and finally I can enjoy daily activities with my family too as my injury has gone. Thank you 🙏
Jason Goldsmith Avatar
Jason Goldsmith
Alexandra is very good in what she do and very professional also highly recommended to anyone that needs professional help in anyway.
Anita Rose Avatar
Anita Rose
Alex has a wealth of knowledge and her instructions are clear and realistic. I’ve suffered from pain for around 6 months and the exercises she has given me have started to help straight away. Alex is supportive and made me feel at ease. Thanks Alex
Simon Watson Avatar
Simon Watson
Alex was recommended to help with a rotator cuff injury. Alex has a lot of knowledge and is highly professional! During the massage she explained everything in depth and although sports massages are not relaxing, she made sure it wasn't too unbearable. Alex also provided me with a full report on my injury and lots of exercises to help with recovery and strengthening. I would highly recommend Alex!
Ben Minihane Avatar
Ben Minihane
Excellent personal trainer, Alex has been my PT for a year now and I cannot imagine being trained by anyone else. She keeps each session fresh and keeps updating your programme to push you forward towards your goals. I am now fitter and doing more exercise in my 50’s than I have in the last 30 years, and find myself lifting weights, boxing and doing cardio that I would never have though possible just a year ago
Sue Muliika Avatar
Sue Muliika
Alexandra has been amazing with my teenage daughter throughout the long lockdown period when she had no motivation to keep fit as expected of her for her team sports! She says training with Alexandra was fun and exciting with lots of variations she never got bored. She looks forward to each session and it was great seeing the improvement and progress as the weeks went by! The results of her training with Alexandra are visible and her team’s coach is impressed with her fitness at the start of the new season after a long period of inactivity due to covid lockdown. I’d recommend Alexandra any day if you’re looking for a PT who will keep you motivated, listen to your needs, keeps it fun and challenges you to push yourself to your best! Thank you Alexandra, I’m a happy customer! Susan
Gary Tingle Avatar
Gary Tingle
Alexandra gave me a sports massage and it really helped, she knows her stuff, highly recommend
Leanne Cole Avatar
Leanne Cole
Highly recommend, very patient with my daughter and trying hard to help her progress and engage her in activities.
Richard Webb Avatar
Richard Webb
Alexandra was recommended to me by a friend after I hurt my back a few weeks ago. As I am only 32 & a mechanic I decided to sign up for 5 sessions to help improve my fitness & Alex is very knowledgeable & very helpful in teaching me the correct stretches. She has even made me a program to follow which is very helpful. 5⭐️
Julie de Beer Avatar
Julie de Beer
Alex has great enthusiasm for everything she teaches, from PT to circuits to spin. Her knowledge is outstanding and she's a pleasure to train with.
Julie Ralph Avatar
Julie Ralph
I trained with Alex for around 18 months.She has an amazing motivational personality, and will go all out to help you reach your goals,when your flagging she’s encouraging!An absolute professional. Highly recommend 👍
James Mallott Avatar
James Mallott
Without a doubt I can highly recommend Alex! I’ve recently been training to run a marathon. During training sessions I started to experience slight niggles in my calf muscles. This was affecting my ability to keep to my training plan. Following a recommendation from a friend I contacted Alex. The appointment process was very easy with Alex replying to my enquiry promptly. Alex asked a number of questions to understand my personal situation. The first session consisted of physical tests followed by treatment. The treatment really helped as I was soon back running without any problems! Don’t get me wrong…treatment of tender muscles isn’t a great feeling! That said, 24 hours later my muscles/legs felt back to full strength! Without Alex’s treatment I’m pretty sure my marathon experience wouldn’t have been so successful. In summary excellent treatment and person! 5 stars!!
Bianka Gemesiova Avatar
Bianka Gemesiova
I have done The 8 weeks Booty Shaper program, And it brought me such a great result which i did not even expect! It Didn't only changed my shape, but I feel stronger and more confident. I travel lots so I wear bikinis pretty often, so it Can make me feel quiet concerned if I don't feel good in my skin. The guide was very clear, very challenging , but the same time focused on recovery too and I've got all the support from Alexandra if I had any questions. I will carry on keeping healthy and fit. Thank you Peak Performance!
Anna Sagadieva Avatar
Anna Sagadieva
I suffered with back pain from scoliosis, i tried few physio therapists that didnt help me with my back. Luckily I've heard about Alexandra. With each session pain level were getting lower, and weren't significant. After completing full recommended sessions with Alexandra, the back pain was gone completely. Very grateful, she is professional and brilliant in what she is doing.
Szabó Norbert Avatar
Szabó Norbert
Egy régi barátom életvitel tanácsai. Számomra teljesen hiteles és megbízható. Életvidám, közvetlen és nagyon kedves. A kisugárzása motiváló, a szavai lelkesítőek. Bármibe is kezdjen bele biztosan eredményes lessz a végén. Merem bárkinek ajánlani, legyen szó táplálkozásról vagy testmozgásról. Szakmailag kielégítő tudással bír. Felkészült, naprakész és precíz. A baráti hangulat és eredményes fejlődés minden feltétele adott. Forduljatok hozzá bizalommal! Köszönöm a figyelmed! További kellemes időtöltést! 🙂
Rob Graham Avatar
Rob Graham
PT from Alex has been great and helped me to push towards my goals as well as set a structured routine. Very dedicated and knows how hard to push to motivate me ! I can only recommend her.
Szera Kovács Avatar
Szera Kovács
Azt hiszem a legmélyebb és legrégebbi kapcsolat a miénk, mint anyukája tökéletesen ismerem a kitartását, szakmai tudását,igyekezetet,közvetlenséget, és számomra is sok segítséget nyújtott mint táplálkozás, edzés, és baleset következtében ki ment vàllam sérüléseit tökéletesen helyrehozni. Köszönöm a figyelmet.Szep napot!👌💪
Alexandra Kincses Avatar
Alexandra Kincses
Alexa is very good PT it was an amazing experience to training with her. I absolutely recommended her to everyone who want a fun and productive PT session.
Dawn Tait Avatar
Dawn Tait
Alex listens carefully to your needs and worries about life as well as your fitness. She has adapted my sessions around various injuries and helped me improve both mentally and physically before and during lock down. There have been times when I was really low and she listened and understood where I was. Her words of inspiration kept me going. With ideas about meditation, good diet and sleep as well as the motivation to set reachable goals and help me achieve them. She sees the whole you. thanks
Alessia A. Sabatino Avatar
Alessia A. Sabatino
She helped me to recover from lower back pain in less than 4 sessions and with a proper exercises plan 😊 I would recommend her 100%🤩
Ryan Bensley Avatar
Ryan Bensley
I would highly recommend Alex.6 months ago when I approached Alex she had never trained a racing driver, but after a few months when our training started I could tell her level of knowledge and the depths she goes to in gaining knowledge around my sport was staggering. I have been racing 25+ years and already she is teaching me new things about fitness in my sport that I didn’t know.if I dont win it won’t be down to my fitness or preparation. Highly recommend alex
Umesh Jetha Avatar
Umesh Jetha
I have trained with Alex for a year after many failed PT’s. Alex is dedicated and takes to understand you as an individual what your motivations are, when you get tired but can do a little more, how to keep you interested training session to training session and keep you going. What did I get out of it? An better understanding what my core fitness, what my motivations are and how far I can push myself and my body. I learned this through training for a boxing fight which I would have never done, for fit and changed my lifestyle I can’t recommend Alex highly enough and if you have trained with her you will know what I mean
Anna Ridler Avatar
Anna Ridler
I have been training with Alex for a couple of years now and can’t imagine what I would do without her - I really can’t recommend Alex enough! She has helped me achieve all my fitness goals and pushes me to achieve more and really test myself in pushing my limits! Her bubbly personality and positive attitude really helps you to get the most out of each session and actually look forward to the next!
Daniel List Avatar
Daniel List
Alex’s knowledge and attention to detail is first class, I initially went to Alex as I was training a lot but not getting the results I wanted, I was also suffering with shoulder pain. 5 weeks of training with Alex and the shoulder pain was as good as gone. And had a focused plan to help achieve the goals I had set. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone who wants to achieve there fitness goals
Tina Jetha Avatar
Tina Jetha
Alex has trained me for nearly two years and is an amazing personal trainer with a holistic approach. She very quickly gets to know her clients and tailors each sessions based on their goals and their personality. She has pushed me the hardest I’ve ever been pushed with a smile on her face. Each session was enjoyable, even when it was REALLY hard! I would recommend Alex to anyone looking to get fit and healthy. Her knowledge from her training, education is vast and she genuinely is interested in results and helping you achieve your goals. Thanks for all of your support Alex, you have been amazing and I miss you LOADs. I will struggle to replace you!
Becky Beynon Avatar
Becky Beynon
I trained with Alexandra before she moved away from the UK. She listened to my goals and pushed me past what I thought my limits were. I enjoyed our sessions and learnt a lot from her too. Her PT sessions and spin classes were always full of laughter and sweat!! She’s also an absolute machine and that’s inspiring!!
Lauren Badrock Avatar
Lauren Badrock
I had an amazing yet painful experience today with Alex, I look forward to my journey of working with Alex and my body and get back to where I use to be in my training, anyone whom needs help with mobility, strengthening and conditioning or even a sports massage Alex is your woman, extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly .. highly recommend ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Elliott Mark Wilson Avatar
Elliott Mark Wilson
Alex has really helped with the recovery of a shoulder injury
Archie Rayner Avatar
Archie Rayner
Alex was phenomenal in the session I’ve had with her. During the first hour I was able to squat a plate a side again having not been able to squat at all for the last few months due to knee problems. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough, she’s very knowledgeable and was able to break everything down to me in simplistic terms showing the level and depth to which she knows her field. I look forward to progressing further with her help.