Functional Rehabilitation / Functional Training

What is Functional Rehabilitation?

Functional rehabilitation should not be confused with physiotherapy! The initial phase of post-injury or post-surgery rehabilitation is the responsibility of a physiotherapist, who focuses on a broader range of treatments and interventions aimed at restoring movement and function, reducing pain, and preventing disability. Once this phase is complete, the patient moves on.

Functional rehabilitation focuses on restoring functional movement patterns and improves performance in everyday activities or sports-specific tasks. It often involves exercises and interventions that mimic real-life or sport-specific movements to improve strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

When Is Sports Rehabilitation Needed?

After injuries, or even physiotherapy, individuals often feel weak or hesitant to resume training or engage in more intense activities. They may also feel insecure during daily tasks, leading them to avoid specific exercises/training/movement rather than modifying them.

However, this restriction can further weaken the injured tissue, reducing its ability to handle stress, load or impact. It can also slow down proper recovery, potentially increasing the risk of reinjury or delay returning to training. Modification over restrictions!

That’s when you can use my help and this service!

What Is The Process Of Sports Rehabilitation?

After thoroughly assessing your movement patterns, physical condition, and posture, I develop a personalized corrective movement, rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning program to help you regain normal muscle function and movement without pain. Additionally, I incorporate soft tissue mobilization or release techniques to enhance your recovery. I assist you in returning to your sports pain-free and life by addressing the root of the problem!

Please note, results can depend on your time of investment and consistency! It’s not a magic wand, it needs your effort along with my guidance.

Individuals with movement-limiting conditions and injuries are welcome!

Whilst my educational background focuses on serving athletes of all levels, I also have a vast amount of experience in guiding individuals of all abilities from limited to strong, empowering them to lead higher quality lives, resume work or engage in sports without movement restrictions.

In collaboration with a spinal specialist, I’ve undertaken the rehabilitation of individuals with Spinal Cord Injury and worked with children with cerebral palsy.

So I am excited to welcome special need at my training centre and help them achieve some incredible results.