Why do I feel that I am not enough?

What others think or tell about you is not as important as what you think and say about yourself!


Because what you think and tell yourself every day, sooner or later will become your reality. 

As Brian Tracy would say in his Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life: How to Unlock Your Full Potential for Success and Achievement book (Find here)

“You become what you think about most of the time.”

No one can make you believe anything about yourself, it’s only you! 

I did not believe in myself either! A few years ago I attended my first seminar in London with a Hungarian motivational trainer. His name is Szabo Peter.

The time I did not spend much time on self-development! No surprise, I was not particularly happy with myself and my life! But, he showed me things from another perspective.

Where is your FOCUS?

He instructed us to look around the room and find all things that are red. Then a few minutes later he asked me to tell all the blue items in the room. I could not! Not, because my focus was on the red objects. This experiment is like life! You will see things that you focus on, and will not notice anything else. So, if you focus on the bad things, that is what you will get as you are disclosing all the good around you. Whether this is about yourself, your opportunities, or solutions to your problems. Once I did this, I found joy in absolutely everything.

After leaving a toxic relationship, and returning back to the UK to continue my personal training another lockdown was announced. So I wasn’t able to train clients in a gym so I struggled as I have not had enough clients. So I moved to another city. Besides personal training, I have done part-time work as an online assistant with Sainsbury’s. I cycled to work at 2 am in the morning for 20 minutes, and when I returned home I was building my online business further so I could do full-time what I love! I focused on the good things! I was grateful to have my health and cycle. I was pleased to have a job to supplement my income. I was not pointing fingers! I was looking for solutions and options. I believed I will make it work and come back even stronger! Also, I appreciate how hard all those people work at the supermarket during Covid19. I was looking for all the opportunities to help others. I want to share this with the world and this is why I am writing this blog too! To read more about my story, and How I came to the UK and started my dream job click here!

Stop saying ‘I can’t’ and start saying ‘I can!’

I need you to do something! Go to the person you love the most. It can be anyone, including your best friend or a family member. Then, say to them YOU ARE UGLY! You are Worthless! No one loves you!
Did you do it? PROBABLY YOU DIDN’T! Why? Because you love that person, you think the world of them, support them, and believe that they are capable of anything. You would not ever hurt the person you love with words like that!
So why do you do it to yourself?
It is important to respect and love yourself. Also, you surround yourself with people that support, respect, and love you too. But don’t wait for other people to make you happy. Neither is your partner.

As Will Smith said: “You cannot make a person happy! You can make a person smile, you can make a person feel good, you can make a person laugh but whether or not a person is happy deeply, totally, and utterly out of your control.”

Believe in yourself! Every day when you look into the mirror say how much you love yourself. You are limitless and you need to just believe it! 

I highly recommend to download Brian Tracy’s FREE 14- Step Goal setting Guide to get started! He is amazing and he is one of my big inspirations!


Wish you all the bests!




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