Why choosing Raja Ampat as your next holiday destination?

Welcome to Raja Ampat!

The Raja Ampat archipelago, part of the Coral Triangle. It is located at the northwest corner of Indonesia, West Papua province. The most beautiful, untouched paradise in the world!

How to get there?

We were flying to Sorong from Bali. The ticket prices depend on which season you are visiting! Then, the ferry will take you from Sorong harbor to Waisai. It is the capital city on the main Raja Ampat Island: Waigeo. This express trip will take around 2 hours and cost 160k Rupiah. In Waisai you will be asked to pay a permit fee for international visitors that costs 700,000 Indonesian Rupiah (30 pounds). To be honest, few tourists said you only have to pay this fee if you are diving, so they did not pay and they were not even asked for it! We paid for it but no one asked for it!

In Waisai are all the boats that will take you to your arranged homestay! These homestays have to be booked in advance because the boat trip to these islands can take 2- 4 hours (motorboat), and the locals will be giving you a lift. They also will arrange your meals, as the stays include meals. If you eat loads I would recommend taking some extra food or snacks. The first few days, I was starving. However, they cook delicious and very healthy food!

Our first stay was Batanta – Biryei Homestay

This Island is less touristic, that was one of the main reasons we stayed here. However, the corals and snorkeling aren’t as pretty as at Kri-Island!

When you are at the homestay you can arrange – buy trips with the locals. This includes bird watching, snorkeling, and tours to further islands. This is where I have seen the most beautiful thing in my life. Around 8 sting rays, sharks and lots of colorful fishes swimming around me!. It was breathtaking! I will never forget that experience. You can walk to other homestays, dive, and walk around the island, picking up fresh coconut and drink its water!

 Kri Island : Warahnus-homestay

Which was another unforgettable experience. Also because all the other people that traveled with us and the rainbow that reflected on the water with 8 dolphins jumping out of the water. The sea infinity in front of you, while standing on the pier. Under you the water was clear and calm, with seeing all the corals and sharks, turtles swimming, Also, this place was magical to snorkel! The stars during the night were like in the movies with the Milky Way, brightening up the sea!

Wayag and Piaynemo

 From Kri-Islands they took 4 of us there for 3million Rupiah! This is the picture taken there! Isn’t it beautiful? We also stopped there to snorkel which was so colorful 🙂

Make sure you have a strong sunscreen lotion because you get burnt very quickly on the boat trip – it takes around two hours! Also, some of the islands have a very bad internet connection, like in Batanta I could not surf on the internet, but this was a great thing. This helped me focus on the present and what was around me. I have never in my life seen anything like that! I would love to go back soon!

Well, I am out of words to describe how this place made me feel, but you can get a little idea of the way I am talking about it. The locals are friendly, the food is amazing! If you like to snorkel or dive, you will see the most amazing sea life here! Give it a visit!




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