The Importance Of Developing A Growth Mindset!

What is mindset?

By the definition of Cambridge Dictionary mindset is:

A person’s way of thinking and their options!

 In my opinion, mindset determines your quality of life. What I mean by this it defines your mood. The way you wake up and set your mind for the rest of the day. How you will do this will be a massive effect on how you will experience your day, react to situations, and even your attitude to your job and others. Not only for one day, but every day. You can start your day by saying: ‘ Oh another day like this!’ ‘ This day is the same as all the others.’ ‘ I don’t want to go to work.’ Then your mindset is already set to all the things you don’t want, and probably your day will reflect back to that too. Your productivity can decrease, the result, the outcome will be affected by your mindset. So eventually your goal, your success can be dependent on it. Whether success means you being physically fit, eat healthily (the way you think about food), or your job.

How To Develop a Growth Mindset?

I have mentioned to you few tips and habits for a happier and more successful life BLOG. I have mentioned meditation. Specifically I am thinking about affirmations here. When you go to bed, listening to affirmations is a great way to feed your subconscious mind with positive tought and set it for successful thinking. This will make you be focused on the things you want, and you will find the ways to reach those things and goals. The other time when is the most powerful to meditate is in the morning. Start with gratitude, and say all those things that you are grateful for. This is important as you will put yourself in a state of wealthiest. How much you have is always compared to who. So it is important to be grateful for what you have and achieved so far.

Listen to THESE affirmations from Joe Dispenza. The best way to predict your future is to create it!

Where do We Go Wrong?

I know affirmations are important, and belief is important too. What lots of these videos do not tell that nothing will change unless you change your habits and take action. This case we could all just hope to win a lottery and attract that, but imagine how many people wish for that.

Nothing will JUST fall into our hands. However affirmation set you to the right paths, even when things do not go the way you want them to, keep going. You have a goal in your head, if something does not work do not give up, but try alternatives.

My coach  Dean Graziosi said during our session:

I have been running an ad on Facebook for my book, that did not drive too much attention. They did not generate too many leads. Then they changed ONLY the subtitle of their ad. After that it generated 45% more leads than before. His sales went up with only one simple change.

This is just one example. It was nothing wrong with the book, the pages did not change, it was still the same book he was selling before.

Believe the Process

Therefore Believe in what you do. You will be challenges, but what I say those challenges will show you if you really want it enough.

I remember when I applied for the tourism and catering university. The time I was sure that what I want to do. However I had lots of problems coming up with a student loan, the proofs of my previous addresses, work and studying the same time. So I have done thing to try and solve it, but then I found more excuses than solutions. At the end turned out I did because I did not want to do that course enough. It not meant to be. I was born for what I do now: Rehabilitation, sport, strength and conditioning. At that moment I was annoyed, frustrated why is it happening, but it happened for a reason!

Trust your intuition and the process and spend time to write down what is your goal and what you really want. This might be something completely different than you are doing now, but is never too late! You are not too old, too young, too unfit or anything you can think of to start a new chapter! You have only one life to live, why not live it to the fullest.

The biggest risk is not taking a risk – as Marisa Peer said

Dig deeper

If you would like to dig deeper into mindset and how it can change your life I highly recommend these two books to read first:

Dr. Joe Dispenze: Becoming Supernatural


Napoleon Hill: Think and Grow Rich

Both of these books have an audiobook version you can listen to when you are too busy to read. It’s a cheap and good investment into yourself. 🙂


Hope all your goals will come true!




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