Moving To The UK As An EU Citizen

Where has this decision taken me – The beginning of my Personal Development!

My fight with thoughts and self-doubt

Was I afraid? Of course, I was! But as it turned out, it was the best decision I could make in my life!

Working 7/7 13 hours a day in a restaurant in Hungary allowed me to save just enough money to move to England. Although those 400 pounds were not enough to fly, rent a room for a month, and live. But I had to trust myself that I would find a job and all would be just fine! My original plan was to stay here for only six months and practice my English. All this happened eight years ago!

The Beginning of my Journey

My dad is a lorry driver, and his company sent him to England to unload the goods. Hence, I jumped in with him and I was on my way to a fresh start. I was frightened. He dropped me off in Ashford, where I have been picked up by people I barely knew. I trusted them. You sometimes require to take risks to move towards something new we all fear. Then your journey might turn up extraordinary. Change is terrifying itself, and I am talking about any change, good or bad. But it gets you out of your comfort zone!

Creating opportunities

England made me feel I belong somewhere. It has also opened lots of possibilities for me I have never known were possible. Well, I have acted on those possibilities. I started as a cleaner, then as a waitress. Later, in only three months working with a four-star hotel, I was promoted to be a supervisor than a manager. All of that because I was hardworking and willing to learn. My English was not perfect at all that time. I always restricted myself with thoughts like:

 “I am foreign, I cannot do better!”

” My English is not good enough to help or talk to people.”

“Who would listen to me?”

 But the truth is, these thoughts were not realistic at all, and overcoming them helped me move closer to the life I wanted. Then, eight years later, I am a business owner in a field I am passionate about and can help people. I have completed my studies in English and still working hard each day to reach my highest potential!

I have realized we are our limitations. Does not matter where you came from, what you did before, as long as you have your destination in mind! Find out WHAT you want to do and WHY you want to do it, and your HOW will show itself! Act on it and work hard towards reaching your goals. Never give up! You can only be jobless here if you want to be! This country truly supports you, and the same I can say about people.  

Pros and Cons

We all know that not everything is all sunshine and rainbow. So let me tell you a few advantages and disadvantages about England:


  • Security

England is a safe country. Of course, some parts of the bigger cities can be dangerous, like anywhere else in the world. But in general, you can be sure you are safe here!

  • Work opportunity

There are many and more job opportunities in the UK. It took me only 2 days to get a job when I arrived in Winchester back in 2013.

  • Stable economy

 There is not too much inflation. The prices stay stable and do not change overnight.

  • Respectful people

It is a multicultural Country! They welcome all nations here.

  • Education

 You can complete any courses in any area. You can change your profession and do what you like if you choose to do so.

  • Surroundings

You can find some beautiful natural parks, mountains, amazing big cities within a reachable distance.

  • Government support

You can apply for personal or business loans simply online. The interest rates are low, depending on your credit score.

  • English

Opportunity to learn a new language or get better at it.

  • HealthCare

NHS is free! Once you have your National Insurance number sorted you will receive healthcare for FREE.

  • Cars 

Even the steering wheel is on the right side, you can buy cars very cheaply.

  • University Degree

You get the opportunity to graduate at the leading universities of England like Oxford, Cambridge.

  • Appreciation

Even if you do not speak English very well, people will not laugh at you but support you and appreciate you trying! English people are very polite and very patient.


  • Rent 

You pay for a single room around £400 (depending on which part of England you live in). You can always find a shared room to start with or join a group on Facebook, and people will be happy to help where they can.

  • Weather

You probably already know that it rains a lot here and summers are short. However, winters are wetter rather than too cold.

  • Healthcare

I put this to disadvantages too, as when you need an appointment with the GP it can take a while to get one. Even when you do, be prepared to wait an extra hour to get in. Also, you get only 10 minutes with a GP and sometimes you get painkillers or treatment, but no proper answer for the cause of your symptoms. This may just be me, but I like digging into the roots of the problems.

  • Food 

What you can get for pennies is junk food! Depending on how fresh, healthy, organic food you want to eat, it can be expensive. Sunday roast is a very traditional meal of the UK and I love it, however flavor-wise, food is not the most amazing here.

  • Being far from our family

Not much to explain here, it can be hard. I miss them a lot!

  • Car insurance and Tax

Even you can get a car for a reasonable price, the insurance is high so is the road tax.

  •  Nightlife

 I had a time when all I was looking forward to was the weekends, but those days are gone. Now I am looking forward to every day! 🙂

When it comes to England, alcohol is costly. Whether you are a student or someone who likes to party, planning will save you money for sure!

  • Public transport

 One off-peak return ticket from Newbury (where I lived for 7 years) to London is £28.50 and it is only 1.5 hours away. Also, peak ticket is even more pricey

  • University Fees

 As I mentioned above, it is easy to get a loan, including a student loan, that you only have to pay back once you earn over £25.000 annually. The tuition fees for Uni can be from £7000- £9000 / ear. So three years of study will cost you around £27 000. However, Scotland provides free University studies.

Find your why!

 As you can see, we can always find reasons why we should or should not do something. Focus on solutions! There are many Facebook groups you can join too! There you can require about the room, job and everything else. You can also join my PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT group for tips and advice on how to get started and reach your potential.

I wish you all the bests with your upcoming journey, wherever your heart takes you 🖤

To put the crown on my blog I wrote a poem for you:

 The British airport welcomes you, with all the signs in English,

The reception on your phone, slowly extinguish.

You may not yet understand, the meaning of forward

and speaking with mistakes, is making you feel awkward.

While waiting for the  bus suddenly starts raining,

It’s been a long day and your energy is draining.

You fancy a cup of tea, and a bite

 but they asking you how much milk in it would you like.

 When you arrive to your house, with a relived feeling

Then out of happiness you jump, and  headbutt the ceiling.


Time for a Sunday roast, some traditional food,

This makes you have an even better mood.

You want that sweet, yummy, tasty Yorkshire pudding,

but  there is no desert, no matter how hard you are looking!

 You crossing the road and looking to the right,

but the cars are driving on the left side.

 Let’s go and see the Big Ben,  the Palace and London Eye

You don’t yet understand why people are greeting you with: ‘you alright?’

Enjoy this amazing,  multicultural country

Make sure your sunglasses are not getting dusty!

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