Louise Sugden to represent Team GB in Tokyo 2021 Paralympics

I was always curious about the mindset of an elite athlete, the mindset of human beings, and what we are capable of and I believe sometimes the only limitation we have is ourselves. All those doubting thoughts and negative self-talk, that can stop us from achieving our true potential! So what makes a Paralympic athlete so different and special? What do they do, think differently?

It was an honor to spend time with Louise Sudgen, who is a GB Para Powerlifter. She gave us a little insight into her training and told us the motivation behind her achievements. We also got some valuable advice that can help us reach our goals.
She is inspirational for all!

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In 2021 it will be her third attendance at the Olympic games, but the first year competing in a different sport: Powerlifting. Her competition will be on the 30th August 2021 in Tokyo, representing GB in the women -86kg category. I will be sitting tight and supporting for 100%!

It definitely has been challenging. I set up a gym in my garage , so I can train in there. But during summer is really hot and in the winter is freezing cold. I can’t wait until I can go back to a gym and environment that isn’t a garage. However considering the obstacles, my preparation went very well!  I have got another week of training then I fly off to Tokyo Games.

She mentioned that she qualified in 4th place for the games and will try to put pressure on that bronze medal.  When she mentioned to me her max bench press I was amazed and even got a little motivated to practice and get my 40kg bench press up.  😀

She lifts 130kg. Can you believe it???? What an achievement! However this is only a tiny little part of her life and how she became and Paralympic athlete!

I have started playing wheelchair basketball at the age of 13 and tried out this have a go event and that’s how I have got into that sport. I did national league and got invited to my first international competition. I have got dropped out of the Paralympic team in 2004 which made me realize that I want to play for team GB. So I really trained hard and made it to the 2008 Bejing and 2012 London Olympic games. After many many years representing GB in basketball I’ve got very ill and I could not get my fitness back, but I was still super competitive and I needed something else! I decided to try out couple of different sports and that when I fell inlove with Powerlifting!

She has not mentioned that she brought home a gold from the 2011 Paralympic World Cup playing basketball for a mixed team!  She always enjoyed playing against the guys as it challenged her. It is a different challenge for her.

Also, she only has started powerlifting in 2017 and 4 years later we can see her on the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic games.

I have always been very stubborn and Independent. My wheelchair does not stop me to do what I need to do. It’s my tool to do it! I look at it like that, it allows me to be independent. Some things are more difficult, but I always had that mindset that: How can I do it or how can I do it differently to make it possible rather than saying oh I am not bothered it’s too hard. I enjoy the challenge and finding ways to do things!

I have them, absolutely and throughout lockdown I had many days when I did not want to train. But there are days when you just have to listen to your body and rest or do something lighter.  I had this big goal in my mind all the way through of Tokyo , which kept me going. I knew if I miss a session I might not get where I want to be, and I don’t want to get to Tokyo and have regrets! Just having that goal and breaking that goal down into small ones is very helpful. Because a big goal can be quite overwhelming. If you know I have to do this this week, and that next week, it is more achievable. I have got myself a weekly planner sheet that I do every Sunday. This really kept me focused and I know this might not be everyone’s ‘thing’ but this is my little trick!

I can not agree more with Louise on this one. Goal setting is an important part of your journey and definitely help you to keep focused. Read my blog: 10 Daily Habits for a Happier and more Successful Life

Start small, do not aim for something ridiculous and when you can’t achieve it be very disheartened. If your goal is to be more active then maybe go for 10 minute walk one day and next week 20 minutes. Just do it little bit at a time. People sometimes are all or nothing, want that instant result! The result is slow and painful at a time.

There is no magic result making machine, neither magic money making machine. Hard work pays off just keep your eye on the goal, visualize and do not ever believe anyone who say you CAN’T.

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Thank you for reading and let’s support Louise on the 30th August!




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