How to get six pack abs?

This is the most commonly asked question and a new trend lots of us want to follow.


What you need for abs is: GOOD HABITS. Habits of a healthy balanced lifestyle. Doing regular exercise and eating a healthy balanced diet, preferably increasing your protein intake. If you are not looking to compete in a bikini competition and follow a strict plan for 3 month , you can use MyFitnessPal to track your macros and food. This will help you be more consistent and will give you an idea where you are going wrong with your protein intake too.. If you have special dietary needs, and starting a diet I would recommend to have an Individually tailored plan for yourself from a dietitian. You can request these plans through this link here from my nutritionists who have more than 10 years of experience. 


Diet tips to get 6 pack abs:


Reduce refined, simple carbs , get more fiber in


These are the ones which have been reduced in nutrients and fiber. Including: White bread, pizza, many breakfast cereals, white rice, pasta, pastries, sugar, cakes. This will spike your insulin right up and leaves you lethargic and lack of energy. Unhealthy diet high in trans fats, simple carbs will also play big role in hormone imbalances which will make you store body fat including your waist. While fiber keeps you full for longer and helps you control your blood sugar level so it is also advised to consume for gut health and for the best result. High fiber meals include: Kale, chickpeas, berries, black beans, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, wholegrains


Increase your protein intake


Protein helps with muscle maintenance and muscle growth. Your body use glycogen during your workout for energy. To restore glycogen and repair those muscle proteins you should consume after your workout good amount of carbs and protein which will speed up this process, recovery and regrow your muscles. This is essential when you are looking to get lean. Good Source of proteins include: lean meat and poultry, fish, legumes/beans, milk, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds and yoghurt, cheese.


Drink Plenty of water


Up to 60% of the human body is water. It is essential to keep it hydratedas it regulates your body temperature and lubricates your joints. It also helps you be less sore after a workout and helps your performance.


What else do you have to do?


To get abs you need to build lean muscle and reduce your body fat. This will enable to see those abs. We all have different shaped abs and body, where some ladies you can see a 6 pack which is very extreme like for athletes and bikini competitors with a body fat of 12% -17%. Most women however who have good physique too have those 11 line abs, lean look. Man have higher testosterone level and genetically carry and build more lean muscle if trained than women. 


What about the age and body fat? Can that effect the result?


With each decade above age 25 the body loses about 4% of its metabolically active cells.  So for people who say to me They haven’t changed weight since college are very lucky. The loss of metabolic active cells means loss of lean body weight including muscle. This does not mean you can not have abs or be lean over the age of 25 and more, but you need to adopt your training and diet more efficiently for the best result. For the research about body fat and age read here.


Training tips to get 6 pack abs:


Use progressive overload


with the same weight , same reps and same exercises for years not can just be
boring, but can be very frustrating that you will not see the result coming.
Your body adopts so quickly, that you need to make changes to progress. If you
want abs, you will need to challenge yourself.  If
you don’t progressively overload the muscles by forcing them to do more than
they’re used to they have no reason to make further adaptations. Increase reps
or resistance or volume to progressfurther.


Vary your workouts EVERY 3-4 WEEKS


When I design a program to my athletes, using periodization is lots to take into consideration. I only change things which no longer are challenging. Changing program not only means to progress but to regress when needed, and do not get injured by using incorrect form. People tend to do the same exercises over and over. If you have done seated dumbbell press try kneeling shoulder press, than go on a barbell for military press and progress to push press power exercises and single arm exercises. Doesn’t it sounds like a good variation?


When it comes to abs, body weight for 20-30 reps or over seem to be very effective. However by time you should add more range of motion into you abs workout, like a decline weighted sit up with overhead press. This will get you out of your comfort zone



I highlighted after for a reason. As I mentioned above your body uses glycogen
for energy. When you give your weight training your maximum than move onto HIIT
your body only will be able to reach to your fat stores for energy, making your
body a fatburning machine. Oh yes, this is all what we want.


If you looking for a great HIIT click here !


Listen to your body – OVERTRAINING BIG NO


This can occur when you do not give enough recovery for your body from strenuous exercise. To look like an athlete you need to train like one. This includes rest, recovery, stretching, yoga and mental health too.


Imagine if they did not do that, how would they be able to complete and perform at their best? As well full time, pro athletes do not usually have full time job to think about. They are getting paid to train and win competitions. If you train 7/week 3 hours a day at your highest intensity and starve yourself plus not giving enough recovery for your body you will sooner burn out. Burn out that much that will have long effect on your health and performance, not just in sport, but everyday life. Less is more. Your body will produce more stress – cortisol hormone and as you don as well fuel your body you will start storing even more body fat around your waist too. Survival mode of your body. There is not chance for abs .


Exercise your abs and core


Include some abs and core exercises into your routine including bracing, rotating and abs and oblique workout. A good variety of core circuit is the best.


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