Finding your Diamond – Time To Move From Fear To Strength!

 ”The power to succeed and overcome hurdles of life must come from within, then that power – it’s yours for life’ – Forward Focus London

Ironically, we are living in a world, where we are constantly told to give things a try, do our best, and work hard and concurrently we are being told we are not doing things the right way, we are not perfect.

Quite often, we tend to live under the shadow of others’ opinions and simultaneously we find ourselves buried under a pile of unnecessary and unreasonable expectations either at work, at home, or from society. Can you relate to this?

So, when you are thinking about changing direction in your personal or professional life or trying out something new, outside your comfort zone, it is normal for fears to seep in. Have you experienced this? We program our minds with these self-limiting thoughts, to an extent we believe that’s who we are. That’s our identity!!!!We stop before we even start on something new. It’s crazy, but it’s true! If we continue like this, then how are we going to feel free, grow and reach our maximum potential?

How do we break this vicious cycle of thoughts?

Below are 5 simple ways you can start shifting your mindset…Fear to Fierce Mode

  •  Notice and boldly face the limiting belief:

Do not push them to the back of your mind. Neither sweep it under the rug or stick it in the closet or attic. Tucking or hiding emotions is just like a volcano waiting to erupt!

  • Take a Drone’s view and ask yourself:

‘’What am I losing out on ?’’ or What am I missing out on?’’ By living in that fear and belief that: ‘’I am not good enough.’’

Purpose is the very essence of your life! Things that make you feel alive and complete.

  • Reflect, Reevaluate, and Release:

Spend some time pondering and reflecting on people, emotions, and situations in your life. And then release things that don’t resonate with you.

Let go of things that pull you down in life. It’s your life, so make it matter to you!

  • Shift your Perspectives:

Perspectives are about viewing and looking at the same situation, but in different ways, with different energies and emotions. So next time, if you feel stuck, think of something that puts a smile on your face.

  • Power in the word ‘’Choice:

Being able to choose keeps you constantly empowered. You have the power to say Yes to things that serve you. You have the power to say No guilt-free.

So think about what you are choosing and bringing into your life for your peace and growth.

The fact that you are reading this means you want to change as you are longing for something out there, and it’s just fear that’s holding you back.

So, I ask you…

  • Are you ready to take Mindful action for a Mindset transformation?
  • Do you want to thrive in various aspects of your life?

Great, then the curious explorer in me would love to have a chat where I can show you ways to move forward.

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