6 Exercises You Can Do On The Plane or in the Office!

Pain, numbness, pins and needles, tightness, and discomfort! Is this familiar to you while flying or working long hours in the office?

Is there anything you can do without getting sweaty and without having too much room? Yes, indeed! I didn’t reinvent the wheel with these exercises, but honestly, they make a huge difference! Sometimes the simplest things make the biggest difference! 

While I am flying, I get neck pain, back tightness, or pins and needles in my feet. We all know how uncomfortable flying can be or sitting at the office all day, working. And after a stressful day the last things what our body needs is to overstress it even more. So listen to your body and mind. 

Recovery and Injury Prevention for your wellbeing

 Whichever training plan you are following, you should include into your routine, recovery and injury prevention. This can be done as yoga, foam rolling, stretching, meditating and breathing exercises a light swim or a stress reductive walk outside. For injury prevention a recommend to add single leg exercises to your routine and resistance bands. They help you target smaller muscle groups and stabilize, and will also reduce the risk of injuries or prevent to flame up current ones.

Exercise at the office, on the plane or ANYWHERE!

  1. Arm raise

 The purpose of this exercise is to reduce shoulder, upper body and traps (see trapezius pain here)  tightness. This is by increasing blood flow. Sitting with the wrong posture for hours, holding the computer mouse will not only make your back tight but your shoulders and neck too! This applies when you fly. Complete these to refresh your body and mind!

  1. Calf Raises

Personally, I get pins and needles and numbness every time I fly. This is because I do not have enough room to stretch my legs or to stand up when someone is asleep next to me and I don’t have the heart to wake them up so I can have a walk! Make sure you pause on the top for 3 seconds before you return back to starting position! This will increase blood flow and get your ankles and calf and feet moving so you can avoid pins and needles!

  1. Knee to Chest

This is one of my favorites. This will help with a tight lower back. Most of my clients are entrepreneurs who are traveling lots and spending long hours in the office. Most of them experienced some sort of musculoskeletal pain, including back pain. This is why it is very important not to only do these exercises when you are already experiencing pain, but to prevent it!

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  1. Neck Stretch

 Neck and traps tightness simply can occur from stress! But your lower back can be a reason for it too. Me personally, can not activate my shoulder muscles properly, so my traps are taking most of the load. This is causing me neck tightness too often. But I found the way! Activation exercises, stretches, and stress relief all help to avoid those headaches! 5. Head Turn

A very good way to prevent headaches. If you get dizzy easily, make sure you complete these very slowly. 

  1. Picking Apples

Now, this is an all-in-one exercise.  The full core, lats (latissimus dorsi), arms, shoulders are involved. It feels so refreshing to do these exercises!
Try them out and if anyone asks you what the hell you are doing, show them too 🙂 Then, they will be convinced is not crazy what you are doing 😛

For more detailed demonstration of these exercises, please watch the video I’ve attached to my blog! 

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Hope to see you there!



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