10 Daily Habits for a Happier and more Successful Life

 Life is more than just work and worry

Do you want to break free of the cycle of getting up every day, just to get through the day? Wishing for a better life, but not quite clear how to achieve it?

It is time to enjoy life to the fullest!

Here are 10 important steps you can take that will take you -, almost immediately- closer to your desired life.

 1. Be grateful

Gratitude is so powerful! Every morning before you start your day, write down 10 things you are grateful for, or say it out loud or in your head!  I know we all dream of a better life, but learn to appreciate how far you have come and all that you have now. Do not take things for granted! You can be grateful for absolutely anything:

  • Taking a breath
  • Physically being capable to work
  • Your well-being
  • Water and Food
  • Your family
  • Anything that you can think of

I highly recommend Insight Timer. which has astonishing gratitude morning meditations! Some things may not feel great to do today, but the fact that you have woken up is another opportunity to work towards your dreams and do things you love and be with your loved ones.

2. Clarify definitions, goals

Without these, you cannot move forward because you don’t know which direction forward is. Set goals and write them down. Firstly think about what your mission and purpose are. When you are doing something, but you don’t know why you just don’t have a purpose and will soon flow out! Identify the things that you do and learn easily, and spend more time doing those things you can do the best and enjoy the most! Ask yourself: What do I want from my life? Where do I see myself in 10 years? Time passes anyway, don’t forget!

Then set short-mid and long-term goals, as those small goals will take you a step and a day closer to that big goal. Make it measurable and specific (SMART GOALS). Dream big! When you record your goals it increases the chance by almost 50%.

3. Identify your self-limiting beliefs and boundaries

Honestly, this is so important I can’t tell you enough. Just as much as the goal-setting, because this will limit you. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but there are no skills, that can’t be learned!

Recognizing these beliefs will help you to understand two things:

  1. Are they realistic at all
  2. If they are, how you can work on them and make them your strengths

 We only do not like stuff that we are not good at. I don’t like chest, because I am not great at it! Do not consider this as a fact. This is something that you can change!

 4. Take action

 Hope is not a strategy, neither a wish! Once you have your thoughts in place and all penned down and prepared time to put it into action!

 5. Learn from Successful people

Surround yourself with people who are already there where you want to be. Attend seminars or webinars. You will reach people there, who have the same drive to succeed. Don’t listen to those who tell you: You can’t! Examine carefully who you take advice from!

 6. Make it a habit

 Every night before you go to sleep, write down what your plans are for the next day and put them into ‘importance’ order. Those elements that take you closer to your main goal will come first! Do not try and ‘multitask’, do them until it’s finished, and do not get distracted! There is no such matter as multitasking. Your brain is only capable to focus on one task, distracting yourself will decrease your performance and you will get overwhelmed. You will sense like 24 hours a day is not enough!

 7. Exercise or Do a Sport or Just move

We heard all the benefits of exercising and of course not just the physical, but the mental part of it too. Where people go wrong is, not giving their bodies what it needs. You may be stressed, lack of sleep and overtraining will just make it more damaging or even result in injury! Find something you enjoy, play golf, tennis, or other social sports. On a hard, stressful day just walk, move around, stretch, mobilize or do yoga. Exercise can occur in lots of different ways!

 8. Eat Healthily

 If I asked you what do you consider a healthy balanced diet you could probably immediately answer:

  • eating whole grains
  • more fruit, and vegetables
  •  Reduce sugar intake
  • Avoid fast food

We all know what is healthy what is not. We just developed bad habits that are hard to break. Now, food can be a reason for depression, anxiety in lots of circumstances. Why? Because we have an unhealthy relationship with food. The reason for this is all the misleading information online, as well as crash diets which in the long run do more harm than good for us, not only physically but mentally too. My simple tip is this: Limit sugar, flour, reduce your salt and drink at least 2L water.

 9. Practice Solution Orientated Thinking

Not everything works out as we always plan, but do not worry, as long as you have the destination in mind, you will always come up with solutions. Practice the habit of positive self-talk and solution-orientated thinking. Don’t complain. When something doesn’t work out ask yourself: What are my alternatives? How can I solve it? There always is an answer that is better than worry!

 10. Visualize!

 Envision the life you aspire is already yours, you are living it! Such a powerful tool to keep your focus on what you want and not what you don’t. Yet, like everything else it takes practice. Add this to your new habits list, and practice it before bedtime. Believe me, the energy you will wake up with the next day is phenomenal!

 As my passion for writing blogs, songs and poems, I brought you a motivational poem to help you live your life to the fullest

Live your passion, find your purpose, do it NOW,

Will it work? That’s not a question, just the HOW.

What are you waiting for? A better time? A better day?

There are a million and more reasons to delay.

Think what you can do not what you cannot,

Whatever you do, give it your best shot!

Visualize, feel, and dream big, then act,

You can make on this world, a massive impact!

Be grateful for every moment of your journey,

Even when your road is dirty, stormy, or curvy!

How strongly these worries will trying to distract you,

Make sure you don’t give up, and your goals are all tracked too!


It’s your time to shine to live your dreams

Whatever for you the word success means!

Find out what makes you give up, what keeps you alive,

You are ready to live a magical and purposeful life.

If you can imagine a life you’ve always dreamed of living

You can also let go, master forgiving!

There are no boundaries neither barriers

We are our limitations and pain’s carriers

You are rich in success, achievement, and endless vitality

Those thoughts that stop you are not the reality!

Connect with the higher you, the positive yourself

When you need it, don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Open your thoughts, open your mind

Don’t let judgment making you blind

Don’t point fingers, when something goes wrong

Repeat that you are worthy, you are so strong

Challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone

Good things in that place I promise you will not born

Take full responsibility for your actions

Ignore around you all bad distractions!

Become and create the degrees of change

That no one in this world can explain.

Write your own story, give it a caption

Create for yourself the law of attraction!


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